About Mazhar

Mazhar Mirza
CEO, Sypher Quality & Services Platform
Lahore, Pakistan

As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Sypher, Mazhar Hussain is the brain behind the initiation and running of an international set up, providing a service of Sourcing and Quality Assurance to the European garments buyer in Pakistan for all garments and textile related products. The company was established in 2008 where Mr Hussain brought under one roof a platform providing professional help in sourcing and quality control; the thought process being the establishment of a truly exceptional and smooth experience for overseas clients matched by no other.

Since 2008 Mr. Hussain has hand-picked a team of highly experienced members to represent Sypher and himself. Under Mr. Hussain’s guidance and leadership the company has achieved exceptional international success in a short period of time with head offices now based in Italy and Germany as well as Pakistan.

Mr. Hussain has over twenty seven years of experience in the garments field relating to marketing and operations, as well as vast overseas business links across Europe and the United Kingdom. Prior to the finding of Sypher Mr. Hussain has worked with renowned textile factories during his career at key positions in every organisation, including:

Mr. Hussain has completed an MBA in Marketing and his textiles knowledge ranges from the sourcing of raw materials in Pakistan, right through the journey of sourcing and quality control services, ending at the delivery of products overseas in large numbers.

Contact Details:

Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Phone: +92 42 35441551


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